Project Guidelines

A display setup containing a poster and an apparatus.

All exhibitors will be provided with a chair and pre-designated table space for their project displays. Projects should not stand higher than 9 feet (108") from the floor (tables stand about 40" from the floor). Elementary and Junior projects will be provided a space 36 inches wide (side to side) by 30 inches deep (front to back), and Senior projects (as indicated in ISEF guidelines) will be provided a space of 48 inches wide (side to side) by 30 inches deep (front to back).

The project display board and project notebook are appropriate for an exhibit display. You may also bring photos of your work, particularly if you used equipment in your project. All students with SRC paperwork must bring it to the NIRSEF to keep with their project. Members of the SRC committee may for paperwork and participants will need to provide it when asked.

Construction of the exhibit must be durable; movable parts firmly attached and safe. For any electrical equipment (such as computers) all switches and cords for 110-volt operation must be of approved UL variety.

We recommend that scientific equipment that is fragile or expensive NOT be displayed with the projects unless absolutely necessary to the project’s presentation. The Fair is not responsible for theft, damage or breakage to any equipment.

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