Science Fair Tips


Gura, A.Z. (2015). Science Fairs are a Stepping Stone for Success, International High School Journal of Science (online).

The tips below have been taken, with great thanks, from the Intel Science and Engineering Fair website. 

Getting Started

Research Science Fairs

Check to see if you go to school in an area covered by an Intel ISEF-affiliated fair. The Intel ISEF affiliated fair may require that you participate in a school or local science fair first. You should also attend a science fair clinic. Many regional science fairs offer clinics in the fall; ask your teacher for information.

Pick Your Topic

Find a topic that interests you. We encourage you to visit the INTEL Science Resources page for science fair and research ideas.

Explore the areas of your interest. Look for questions within that area that might be worth exploring.

Along with interest, you should also choose a topic that can benefit your community or society in general. Look around your community and try to find something that you can discover, study, design, create or improve that will solve a troublesome problem. Why not choose a topic that will allow you to contribute to society and to make a difference?

Don't be afraid to try something even though it might not work. Let your imagination run wild and be creative. Sometimes the simplest solutions and the smallest contributions are the most important.

Read science magazines like Science News and research on the Internet to see what is currently being done in science. Always choose a topic that interests you and make sure whatever you choose is possible to do in time and with the equipment available.

Read. Talk to people. You'll find out there's a lot of stuff out there you don't know that you would like to know by doing these things.

Research Your Topic

Research what is already known about the topic. Narrow the topic to a specific scientific problem.

Plan Your Experiments
Conduct Your Experiment
Prepare Your Presentation
Rehearse Your Presentation
Enjoy Your Experience!