Prepare Your Presentation

Prepare Your Presentation

Review Intel ISEF Display and Safety Rules

Create the project exhibit board, being sure to follow the display and safety rules. Practice the presentation and prepare to answer the judge’s questions. Present the project at


your school science fair and/or at an Intel ISEF-affiliated fair.


Your presentation board should be appealing to the eye and should explain both what you did and what you found. Pictures are very helpful and often say more than words.

Diagrams are also very useful as they allow the public to follow your train of thought easily and without confusion. Avoid putting up your entire written report; try explaining your project visually with graphs, diagrams, pictures and subtitles. Use color to separate ideas and arrows to direct your audience. Avoid buying expensive presentation tools. Your artistic touch is much more appreciated and shows your involvement in the project.

Make sure your posters clearly outline what your project is about. You should be able to get what the project is, how it works, and how it was created from the posters.

Have you display board look professional and not too crowded. Remember that large boards do not always indicate good projects.

You will see a tremendous range of backboards at the Intel ISEF. Some will be equipped with remote controls, projection screens, fancy lights, or even personal power supplies. Some will look like they were assembled in an hour, because in many cases they were. Remember, people come to the Intel ISEF from all around the world, and sometimes they can't ship their completed backboards, and have to build them on-site. While it may seem that being in this position puts you at a serious disadvantage, don't worry. The reality is that the judges are keen enough to recognize good science, as long as it is presented reasonably well. The most important part of your presentation is verbal, and few judges will actually read most of your backboard. My advice is to not devote too much time to making your backboard look good, and to spend that time on your research.