School Registration for Local Fair Directors

Local Fair Director Instructions for Registering Schools for the NIRSEF - REQUIRED

2017 Local Fair Director Letter

All teachers should read through the following information about registering your school and student projects for the NIRSEF. 

  1. Read the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair Rules and Guidelines (note page 3-4 information for ALL projects).
  2. Register your school at by Sunday, January 1, 2017.
    • Returning Local Fair Coordinators select "Teacher Login" and reactivate your account by entering your school email address and password from the last year you sent students (you may also retrieve your password online). 
    • New Local Fair Coordinators select "New Teacher Registration," select Northern Indiana, then your school, and enter your information.
  3. Watch the instructional videos for registering your students and complete all steps including clicking the button to Register for Regional Fair. Please note that grades 3-5 are explained in one video and 6-12 in another. February 17, 2017 is the last day for Local Fair Directors to Register Student Projects for NIRSEF via the SEFI website - this means ALL information must be finalized and each student must be selected to advance to the Regional.
  4. If your school is paying the $10 per student registration fee, please submit it online and advise your students to select ‘my school is paying my fee’ when they fill out the online Availability to Participate and Payment Method. If your school does not allow online payment by debit, credit, or electronic check, please contact the NIRSEF Executive Director.
  5. ALL projects dealing with the following materials MUST submit review paperwork to the NIRSEF Safety Review Committee (SRC) BEFORE experimentation begins (check if a project requires pre-approval). Projects dealing with the following MUST be done in a BSL-2 Lab under supervision.
    • Microorganisms (e.g. bacteria)
    • rRDNA
    • Tissues of bodily fluids
  6. Projects dealing with Human Participants MUST submit review paperwork to an Institutional Review Board before (IRB) experimentation begins. A school may set up an IRB according to these guidelines.
  7. All projects must complete the SRC/IRB paperwork: Form 1, Form 1A and Form 1B. Projects requiring prior approval must complete additional forms and submit to the NIRSEF SRC/IRB Chair via email to
  8. Please refer to the guidelines below to determine the number of projects you may send to the NIRSEF from your school. Additional spaces may be granted on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the number of projects you will be judging at your Local Fairs.
    • Schools with Grades K-4 or 7-8: 4 project spaces
    • Schools with Grades 5-8 or 6-8: 6 project spaces
    • Schools with Grades K-8: 8 project spaces
    • All high schools: 10 project spaces
  9. Once registered, teachers who want to check on their students' progress in entering project information can login at and do so. Click on "Student Listing" and you will see a list of your students. When you click on "View", you will can check on each section of your student's information.