Tips for Adult Sponsors

Dsc 2359

  • Give encouragement, support, and guidance.
  • Make sure your child or mentee feels it is his or her project. Make sure the work is primarily the work of the child.
  • Realize the main goal of a science fair project is to help your child or mentee use and strengthen the skills he or she has learned and develop higher-level skills. The main goal should not be the ribbon or prize.
  • Provide transportation to libraries, nature centers, or universities that can help your child or mentee find project information.
  • Locate Internet access, either at home or at a school or library.
  • Help your child or mentee design a project that is safe and properly supervised.
  • Help at your local school Science Fair. Contact your child or mentee's teacher to volunteer.
  • Help your child or mentee plan a mutually agreed upon timeline to prevent a last minute project. Some projects may take 6 to 10 months. It is suggested to allow at least 12 weeks to conduct an experiment and prepare the presentation.
  • Do not worry or get upset if your child or mentee doesn’t win a prize at the science fair. The skills the child has gained are worth all of the effort.
  • Help your child or mentee begin to plan for next year.
  • Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when the science fair is over. You and your child or mentee have earned it!